Looking to become a Print It Decals dealer?

Print It Decals is happy to offer a direct dealer account to those with one of the following:

  • A retail hobby shop
  • A online hobby shop (with a PCI compliant checkout system)
  • A hobby tradeshow seller (must meet tradeshow minimums and specific criteria to ensure the account would be used responsibly)

If you meet one or more of the following, please email the following information to 

  • Your business name
  • Shipping address
  • Website link (if you have one)
  • Address and/or website link for our dealer locator page
  • GA sales tax exemption form (ST-5) (if applicable)

International accounts are welcome. 

Once an account has been opened you will be informed via email on how to access dealer pricing. An opening order should meet or exceed a total of $199 at the dealer price, dealers do not have a yearly minimum to keep an account open; however a dealer should place an order or two pear year, this allows us to ensure the dealer is still actively in business. 

Dealer accounts will qualify for free freight, once an account has been opened we will share the freight terms. 

Print It Decals will allow drop ship orders from dealers, drop ship orders do not qualify for any freight discounts, terms or specials. 

Not all of our vendors offer dealer sales, only vendors that accept dealer sales are available for the dealer discount. The following vendors accept dealer accounts, others may also accept orders; this list is not always up to date when new vendors join. 

  • 3 Amigos Decals
  • Cherry Run Decals
  • DAP Designs
  • JB Graphix 
  • JH Designs
  • Millersport Customs
  • Scale Sprints
  • Stoney's Customs
  • Slips Racing Designs 
  • Surge Decals

If a vendor that you would like to stock is not listed, please email us at We can see if the designer has any interest in dealer sales. You may also reach out to the designer if desired.