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How long will it take to ship my order?
Decals are printed one-two times each week; we normally ask for 3-5 business days to print and package your order. However, if we have a high volume of orders, we may need up to 10 days, while this is rare do note it does happen occasionally.

Do you offer faster shipping?
We do. We offer a selection of shipping options including next day options. Please view all of the shipping options in your cart or at checkout. Do note even if a faster shipping option is chosen this will not change how fast your order is printed. Printing will take 3-5 business days.
Do you offer free trials?
At the moment we do not. We are looking at offering samples in the future.

Do you ever offer discounts on the decals?
We do have sales; be sure you are subscribed to our email list. Coupons are only offered to those on our email notification list.
I purchased on eBay, why are they priced higher?
We do offer a small selection of decals on eBay; they will be priced higher than the posted price on our website. This helps us recoup some of the selling fees associated with eBay. If you placed an order on eBay and it has not already shipped, you can request a cancelation and purchase directly on our website. Plus, rewards are only available on our website, eBay sales do not count towards your rewards.
Do you ship outside of the USA?
We do, we ship nearly any ware in the word with two major exceptions, we do not ship to China or Russia. If you are unsure if we can ship to your address, please visit the USPS or UPS website. We ship internationally with USPS and UPS. We do not offer free shipping on any non-USA orders. Only USA orders can qualify for free shipping.
About The Decals
Do I need to cut the decals out?
Please make sure that you cut each decal individually, the decals are all printed on a single "decal sheet" rather than screen printed decals with "pre cut" decal film.

What water should I use?
We recommend the use of warm distilled water. City and well water may leave spots on the decal.

How are your decals printed?
Our decals are printed with today’s latest and greatest printing technology. While we are not using screen printing or offset printing equipment, we use digital dry ink printing equipment. This allows us to make edits to sets if needed, print sets on demand and allow for custom decals.
I need custom decals printed; can you help?
Possibly, while we do not offer custom decal design and print services. We do offer printing services if you have printable graphics. If you would like more information on this please view our “Custom Decal Printing” tab. If you would like to recommend a future decal set, please view our “Suggest A Decal Set” at the bottom of the website.
Do you offer metallic printing?
At the moment we do not, we are working on building equipment to offer metallic colors, including but not limited to gold, silver, metallic blue, metallic red and many other metallic colors.
Can you print NEON colors?
We sure can. We can print an array of neon colors. If you are designing your own decals to have us print, we offer a neon swatch book that can be purchased. Send us an email at and we can send over an invoice. Be sure you already have an account created on the website; this is how the invoice will be sent. Please also note “NEON Swatch Book” in the subject line.
I need help applying the decals, do you offer these services?
We do not. If you need help, please visit our partners page. We have partnered with modelers across the country for those that might need some help applying the decals or even completing a full project.

I received the incorrect decal set, what should I do?
Please drop us a line at Please place your order number in the subject line. Please be sure to include pictures of what you received along with a picture of the packing slip. Do note if the decals have already been removed from the clear sealed packaging, we will be unable to send a replacement set.
I would like to return my decal set, what do I need to do?
Please drop us a line at Please place your order number in the subject line, along with a short reason to your desire to return the decals. Our team here is only human, we do make mistakes and would like to ensure our team is able to learn from their mistakes. Do note only decals may be retuned, any paints or plastic kits purchased are non-returnable. Any decal set that is eligible for return must still be in the sealed clear bag. If the bag has been opened, the decals are non-returnable. Any returns must be initiated within 7 days of receiving your order.
The decals don’t fit, can they be edited?
Please drop us a line at Please include the decal set SKU number and a description of what you believe needs to be changed. Once we receive your email our graphics team will revive your request; if any graphics are edited, we will mail you a complementary replacement set. Do note we will not make changes to a set to fit a specific model or kit. If a set is intended for a specific model or kit, this will be noted in the product description.
I applied Walthers Solvaset to the decals, they are now all wrinkled. Help!
This is normal. Once you apply a coat of Solvaset or any decal setting solution do not touch the decal until the solution has dried completely. If you try to touch the decal while a setting solution is on the decal you will destroy the decal.
My decal takes longer than 30 seconds to remove from the paper
Ensure you are not using cold water; it is best to use warm distilled water around 80-85 degrees.
My decal has white marks / halo around it
Ensure you are using clean distilled water; city water contains minerals that may leave white halos and such marks.
My decal is not laying over rivets or other details
Let the decal dry after application (it will contour slightly) after the decal has had a little time to dry apply a coat of MicroSol or Solvaset.
My decal has silver spots after application
Poke the spots with a sharp X-Acto knife, apply a coat of Solvaset or MicroSol (repeat as necessary).
My decal is stretching and distorting
Apply more water to the model or decal may need to be soaked longer.
Support Continued
Support My decal curled in the water, what should I do?
Your decal is probably not ruined, our decals require some patience. The decal may curl when first placed in the water, allow the decal to soak for around 30 seconds or so; the decal should uncurl. Once the decal beings to flatten it this is a good indicator the decals needs just about 5 more seconds.

I can't seem to hold smaller decals, what should I do?
We recommend the use of Tamiya decal tweezers and Tamiya decal scissors when working with our decals. A set of each can be ordered via Fusion Scale Hobbies, if you leave a note with your FSG order number if placed within an hour or so of your decal order your order might be able to be combined with your decal order and Fusion Scale Hobbies can issue a credit for shipping.